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    Mailing Address:
    PO Box 32503
    Knoxville TN 37930

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    Shipping Policy:
    This site is used for registration purposes only, and no items are shipped.

    Refund Policy:
    It is the responsibility of each member/guest to register and, when necessary, to cancel by the deadline 12 noon on Friday before the meeting (January 4, 2019). It is important for us to have an accurate head count in order for Rothchild’s to plan for food and table set-up, and so we do not get charged for persons who fail to appear. To cancel, please email Amanda Smith at [email protected]

    Members/Guests who do not attend a meeting for which they registered and who did not cancel by the deadline, will be charged for that meeting. Those people will be contacted and will be expected to pay for any and ALL meetings they miss.